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The Mission of Faculty

Our primary goal is to establish environment which will create perfect conditions for truth-seeking and self development (especially on the moral and religious level). Assuming that a task of philosophy is an “integrating vision, as well as a trust in the capacity that reason has to serve the truth” (DECREE ON THE REFORM OF ECCLESIASTICAL STUDIES OF PHILOSOPHY , para.8), we believe that the mission of Faculty of Philosophy at The Pontifical University of John Paul II in Krakow is a formation of “reason that is open to faith” (ibid.) and thus that the faculty carries out a special mission of philosophy in the life of the Church. Philosophical reflection “called upon, first of all, to take up the challenge of exercising, developing and defending a rationality with «broader horizons» “ (ibid. para. 7) is supposed to be developed in the spirit of the freedom of research, it also must respect contemporary achievements of science and should participate in current debates. These should be achieved by being open to truth, good and beauty and by critical openness to everyone and every culture’s beliefs as well as to “dialogue with everyone incisively and fearlessly” (ibid. para.11) Recognizing the greatness of these demands, it is necessary to inspire life-lasting effort of seeking. It enables us to educate and to do research on the highest level available for us. The Faculty of Philosophy, in accordance with the tradition of catholic universities, is called to provide intellectual formation for priests and theologians.

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