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Why us?

Many universities around the world offer studies in Philosophy, but our offer is unique. We provide a high level of education but our greatest strengths lie in: the legendary atmosphere of studying at a cozy and caring university in the very heart of the old town of Krakow, a master-student relation and our emphasis on the comprehensive development.

Our Faculty belongs to leading faculties of philosophy in Poland (according to the State’s criteria, it holds Rank A. Furthermore, availability of our scholars was ranked as highest among Polish Faculties of Philosophy (2016, 2017,2018), which means our scholars have time for our students and will cooperate with them. Our team conducts a wide range of research projects, which allows our students to develop according to their individual interests. Our degree programs are comprehensive and constantly expanded, therefore, students receive a complete education, including all leading schools of philosophy, history of philosophy and the most important contemporary issues. In addition, we offer unique lectures every year, which will never be available again and are related to the advanced research projects of our scholars. All those interested in relations between science and faith, faith and philosophy and science and philosophy are especially welcome, since it is one of our most important fields of interests. You will have an opportunity to discuss philosophical issues in small groups, up to 15 students, what is important for development of philosophical skills and a free, effective exchange of thoughts of participants. Students may also cooperate with professional philosophical journals run by our Faculty.

We are rooted in philosophical tradition inspired by Christianity, which means developing the thought of Christian thinkers, including those related to our faculty, with Pope John Paul II in the first place. We owe him a lot since he helped to create and expand the Faculty. Famous Christian thinkers who worked or work at our faculty are: Józef Tischner, Michał Heller, Andrzej Kłoczowiski and Karol Tarnowski.

Studies do not consist in education only, we do think about economical issues. We have some rooms in a dormitory for students as well as an interesting offer of scholarships. All buildings are close to each other and are located in the Old Town of Krakow, so are easily available from the whole Krakow area, it is just a quarter by foot from the main railway station and 45 minutes by public transport from the airport. Our Career Office helps with future plans and we also participate in many student’s exchange programs which are a chance to see new places, meet new faces and earn extra money. The University’s library provides many comfortable work stations and wireless internet connection is available in all our buildings. We are also happy to say that according to national ranking of studies, our graduates achieve the greatest economical success comapred to other students of philosophy in Poland (on the basis of data from 2017).

All of this makes our students a vital part of the Faculty, partners who are seen as genuine and valuable persons and not mere numbers in the University’s records.


And last argument: the view from our windows:

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Uniwersytet Papieski Jana Pawła II w Krakowie Wszelkie prawa zastrzeżone przez Uniwersytet Papieski Jana Pawła II w Krakowie 2019