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Study in Cracow

Jobs in Cracow:

Cracow is the second biggest city in Poland with a huge population of students, and the unemployment rate is one of the lowest in Poland (2,7% in February 2018). There are many part time and full time job positions that can be taken by students, in many branches of economy: tourism, culture, trade, gastronomy, education, corporations or production. The University does not provide support in job searching, but many philosophy students successfully connect work and study.



In Cracow you can choose from a great variety of options for accommodation, which differ in standard, geographical distance and price. The cheapest are shared rooms far away from the city center but there are also apartments in the old town available. Public transport works well in Cracow and is of reasonable price, so you can choose distant locations, especially because our University is located in the historical center of Cracow, which is the best connected area in the city. Let us know if you are interested in a student dormitory. The University does not aid students in looking for flats on the market, but we recommend you to seek advice from students who already live in Cracow.



Our buildings are in the historical part of Cracow, close to the Wawel Castle and to the main market square. The addresses are: Bernardyńska 3 and Franciszkańska 1. We are very close to culturally important locations, religious services, recreational facilities, restaurants, etc. It is probably the best connected area in Cracow. If you use public transport it takes less than one hour to get to/from the airport and anywhere in Cracow, and around 10 minutes to/from the main railway station.

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