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PhD in philosophy

Faculty of Philosophy provides a full-time and part-time doctoral studies in philosophy. These studies are for Polish and international students. Polish citizens, EU citizens, EFTA citizens, and holders of 'card of Pole' (karta Polaka) could study full-time studies without tutition fees.

Doctoral studies in philosophy prepares for third cycle qualifications, which means the degree of "doktor" (PhD), awarded upon completion of a doctoral assessment process.

Studies prepares for independent scientific work in philosophy by guiding to PhD Thesis, which "shall constitute an original solution to a scientific problem or an artistic achievement, as well as providing evidence of the candidate's general theoretical knowledge and understanding of a given discipline of science".

Doctoral studies prepares also for philosophy teaching. Each year doctoral student is required to undertake practical internships involving teaching or participation in the delivery of teaching (10-90 hours per year).


Doctoral program is consisted mainly of philosophical seminar and elective monographical lectures, and the course load is decreasing during studies for preparing PhD thesis. 

More about doctoral studies in philosophy (description of studies, enrolement, program etc.)

Important note: Since academic year 2019/2020 new enrolement to PhD courses are preformed by Doctoral School of Pontifical University of John Paul II.

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