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Conference: Solidarity in public life. Abstract submissions by 10.09.2019

Department of Ethics

Faculty of Philosophy

The Pontifical University of John Paul II in Krakow

invite you to participate in XII. scientific conference from the series:

"Ethics and public life"

Main topic:

Solidarity in public life

October 28-29, 2019 (Monday-Tuesday)

Cracow, Bernardyńska St. 3


                Conferences from the series "Ethics and public life" annually address issues that specifically concern important and current ethical problems and their presence in public life. So far, we have studied freedom and power, lie, authenticity, equality, greed, trust, hatred, sensitivity and indifference, honesty and reliability, law and justice. In 2019, we want to offer you a scientific debate on solidarity in public life.

                In 2020, we will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the establishment of NSZZ "Solidarność"(Solidarity) by Lech Walesa. This union took its name after the idea that later changed Poland. This idea was developed and popularized by the eminent professor of our faculty, Fr. Józef Tischner and we feel obliged to further develop his work. The Department of Ethics took up this task 20 years ago, which resulted in the publication "The idea of ​​solidarity today. Acting towards values​​". In 2018, the International Center for Research on the Phenomenon of Solidarność was established at the Faculty of Philosophy of the UPJPII. Preparing for the symbolic jubilee of the 40th anniversary of solidarity, we propose an interdisciplinary scientific conference, within which we will consider what was and is the impact of the idea of ​​solidarity on the shape of Polish society in the past 40 years and now. Traditionally, we invite you to a philosophical analysis of the concept of solidarity in various spheres of public life: in economics, media, science and politics, and to attempt to define this concept and grasp it in its original context as well as how contemporary man understands it. Have we departed from the original understanding of solidarity, and if so which way and why? How far can the boundaries of solidarity be reasonably extended does it include all people, all living creatures or perhaps the whole of creation? Is the idea of ​​solidarity embedded in Polish and European identity? Can a global project, changing the world, be created on the basis of the idea of ​​solidarity? These are just preliminary topics and ideas for reflection, we also invite you to submit your own proposals.

                The aim and dream of the organizers is that the conference "Solidarity in public life" should be an important event on the map of interdisciplinary reflection around the idea of ​​solidarity and its meaning in the modern world. The fruit of the conference will be a peer-reviewed multi-authorial scientific monograph, which we plan to publish and promote before the 40th anniversary of NSZZ "Solidarność".

                Registration of active participation with the subject and abstract of the speech in Polish or English (max 2000 characters) should be sent by 10/09/2019. Planned time of the speech: 30 minutes (including time for discussion with the audience). All speeches will be plenary. In addition to the papers, we are planning a discussion panel. Conference languages: Polish and English. Conference fee for speakers: PLN 400 (includes conference materials, coffee breaks, lunches and a gala dinner on the first day of the conference, does not include travel and accommodation costs). Other information will be forwarded via e-mail after accepting the application. We will inform you about the acceptance of the abstract of the speech by 20/09/2019. We will expect articles for the planned book by the end of November 2019.


The organizers do not provide accommodation.


Address for correspondence:

dr Jakub Synowiec


Department of Ethics

Faculty of Philosophy of the UPJPII in Krakow

Kanonicza 9

31-002 Kraków

Scientific management of the conference:

Rev. prof. dr hab. Władysław Zuziak




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